About The Moszkowicz Group

The Moszkowicz Group owes its existence to its efforts to bring worlds together. It always starts with personalities of all sorts as the fruitful foundation of a new reality, a synergy.

The lines between genres, domains, and classes are blurred, and cultural shifts emerge from the saturation of those boundaries. Music, film, fashion, technology, food all have become intertwined within the ecosystem of our lifestyles, and each plays its indispensable role. Knowing how to steer and control each of those actors means you can determine the course of tomorrow.

Founder and owner Nathan Moszkowicz has worked with pop-cultural leaders within music and film for almost ten years and has seen their fundamental influence unfold firsthand. It became clear what power these individuals hold and what value they can add when focused in the right and relevant directions. Nathan continues to be intimately involved in bringing together among the most influential cultural forces and brands while helping long-term partnerships and collaborations come to life. The Moszkowicz Group was founded in 2021 and is the logical next step in the line of an organically grown portfolio of joint ventures, self-initiated companies, and partnerships.

The Moszkowicz Group does not limit itself to participation as it also operates as a consultant. Getting on board with The Moszkowicz Group and using its position and service means one gains access to a worldwide network of brands, corporations, influential individuals, and among the highest graded legal advisories available.

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